The Fiske-Harrison Family

A History

Burke’s Peerage: Fiske-Harrison Family

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Untitled I


Arms: Azure two pierced mullets or between to bars counter gobony erminois and argent all between in chief three estoiles and in base a single estoile argent.

Crest: Upon a helm with a wreath argent azure and gules passant through a triangle iron ensigned by a pierced mullet or a stork wings displayed and inverted argent mantled gules doubled argent.

Motto: Debemur Morti Nos Nostraque (Both ourselves and our creations are a debt owed to Death).

CLIVE FISKE HARRISON, (Clubs: Garrick, West Mersea Yacht), stockbroker Panmure Gordon 1961, Member of the London Stock Exchange 1965, Member of the Securities Institute 1990, Chairman of Fiske PLC, born at Colchester, Essex 23 November 1939, educated at Felsted School, and Trinity Hall Cambridge (MA), married at West Mersea, Essex 17 December 1965 •Barbara Gail Horne (born at Sydney, Australia 28 November 1940), elder daughter of Donald Wilfred Horne and his wife Margarita May Fleming, and has issue, (see Debrett’s People of Today HARRISON, CLIVE FISKE)

1a •Byron Antony FISKE HARRISON, (Clubs: Cavalry and Guards, Singapore Polo) Lieutenant Royal Tank Regiment 1985, stockbroker Cazenove & Co 1989, Director Goldman Sachs 2001, Director Fiske PLC 2005, born at London 30 January 1967, educated at Westminster, RMA Sandhurst, and University of St Andrews (MA), married at Eaton Square, London 20 April 2002 •Mary Lau (born at Singapore 24 March 1972), daughter of Lau Cha Hing and his wife Lee Hock Looi, and has issue,

1b •Isabella Marie-Lousie FISKE HARRISON, born at Singapore 29 October 2003.

2a Jules William FISKE HARRISON, born at London 27 July 1969, educated at Westminster, and died unmarried in a skiing accident at Zermatt, Switzerland 4 April 1988.

3a •Alexander Rupert FISKE-HARRISON, (Clubs: Travellers, Gridiron) playwright and actor ‘The Pendulum’ West End, London 2008, producer Mephisto Productions 2009, bullfighter ganaderia Saltillo 2010, author Into The Arena: The World of the Spanish Bullfight, Profile Books, 2011, author The Bulls Of Pamplona, Mephisto Press, 2013, Director Mephisto Productions 2008, Director Fiske PLC 2014, Director International Polo Events, 2019, born at London 22 July 1976, educated at Eton, University of Oxford (MA), London School of Economics (MSc), and Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, New York, USA.


The family of Fiske has long flourished in the counties of Norfolk (recorded as landowners in the Domesday Book) and Suffolk, and derives from the old Norse name of Fiskr. Family history states that they arrived with the invading forces of Olaf Tryggvason, King of Norway, at the Battle of Maldon on the Blackwater River in Essex in 991 A.D. Daniel Fisk, of Laxfield is mentioned in a document issued by King John, confirming a grant of land in Digneveton (Dennington), made by the Duke of Lorraine to the men of Laxfield 1 May 1208.

Arms: Chequy, argent and gules, on a pale, sable, three mullets or.

Crest: on the top of a triangle an estoile.

Motto: Macte Virtute Sic Itur Ad Astra (Blessed be your courage, this is the way to heaven).

HUGH FFYSKE, said to be descended from the above Daniel Fisc, and had issue,

SYMOND FFYSKE, Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, Laxfield, Suffolk, and owned lands in Easton Bavents (Grant 1428), born circa 1399, married first circa 1424 Susannah Smyth (died circa 1433), and had issue,

1a WILLIAM FFYSKE, see below.

2a Jeffrey FFYSKE, of Stadhaugh, born at Laxfield circa 1420, married Margaret, and died 1504 (will dated 3 May 1504 and proved 13 May 1504), having had issue,

1b Jeffrey FFYSKE, of Laxfield, Suffolk, born at Laxfield circa 1460, and died circa 1536, having had issue,

1c Richard FFYSKE, of Laxfield, born at Laxfield circa 1480, and died circa 1565, having had with other issue,

1d Robert FFISKE, of Fressingfield, Suffolk, and St James, South Elmham, Suffolk, fled for a time to Geneva to avoid religious persecution, born circa 1521, married Sibilla Gold (confined for a time in Norwich Castle for her religious views), widow of Barbor, and died at St James 1602 (will dated 10 April 1590 and proved at Metfield July 1602), having had with other issue,

1e Jeffrey FISKE, of St James, South Elmham, born circa 1552, married Mary Cooke (buried at St James May 1614), and died 1629 (will dated 11 May 1629), having had with other issue,

1f Nathan FISKE, went to America in 1642 and settled at Watertown, Massachusetts, born 1615, married Susanna, and died 1676, having had issue (see Burke’s Families of the USA FISKE formerly of Laxfield).

2b John FFYSKE.

3b Simon FFYSKE.

4b Joan FFYSKE.

5b Margery FFYSKE.

3a John FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1428, and was buried at Diss, Norfolk circa 1488.

4a Edmund FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1430, married Margery, and died 1494 (will dated 7 August 1494 and proved 4 October 1494, and was buried at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk).

5a Margaret FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1432, married Dowsing.

(cont) SIMON FFYSKE, married second Katherine Crispe, and died 1464 (will dated 22 December 1463 and proved 26 February 1464).

The eldest son,

WILLIAM FFYSKE, Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, born 1420–25, married circa 1443 Joan Lynne, of Norfolk (will dated 15 July 1504 and proved 28 February 1505, buried at All Saints, Laxfield), and was buried at All Saints, Laxfield, having had issue,

1a THOMAS FFYSKE, see below.

2a William FFYSKE, married Joan, and died 1472 (will dated 16 July 1472), having had with other issue,

1b John FFYSKE, inherited lands at Badingham and Rendham, Suffolk from his father, and had with other issue,

1c Robert FFYSKE, and had issue,

1d Robert FFYSKE, born at Rendham, married first Susan, and died 1563 (will dated 15 February 1563), having had with other issue,

1e Robert FYSKE, of Hardings Manor, Norton, Cambridgeshire (purchased 1578), married at Great Barton, Suffolk 6 October 1566 Emme Rushbrook, daughter of William Rushbrooke, and was buried at Norton 2 January 1604, having had with other issue,

1f Robert FFISKE, of Hardings Manor, baptised at Norton 19 May 1583, married Anne (buried at Norton 15 September 1658), and died circa 1658, having had with other issue,

1g Robert FFISKE, of Hardings Manor, baptised at Norton 28 December 1619, married at Norton 1640 Martha Turner, daughter of Charles Turner, and was buried at Norton 7 July 1704 (will dated 20 October 1697), having had with other issue,

1h Rev Zachariah FFISKE, Vicar of Westleton, Suffolk 1672–74, Rector of Theberton, Suffolk 1672–83, Rector of Cockfield, Suffolk 1676–1708, Rector of Hadleigh, Suffolk 1691–1708 (presented by William III and Mary II), baptised at Norton 4 March 1647, educated at Queens’ College Cambridge (MA), married Elizabeth (died May 1685), and was buried at Cockfield 15 September 1708, having had with other issue,

1i Rev Thomas FISKE, Rector of Shimpling, Suffolk 1704, baptised at Cockfield 16 June 1678, educated at Queens’ College Cambridge (MA), married 10 October 1708 Anna Morley, daughter of John Morley, of Halstead, and was buried at Shimpling 23 August 1722 (will dated 27 May 1721), having had with other issue,

1j Rev Thomas FISKE, of Chadacre Hall, Shimpling, Rector of Great Bromley, baptised at Shimpling 31 January 1710, educated at Christ Church Oxford (MA), married Mary Syer (buried at Shimpling 13 March 1746), and died at Bath August 1763, having had with other issue,

1k Mary FISKE, baptised at Shimpling 18 September 1740, married Rev Temple Chevallier, MA, of Aspall Hall, Debenham, Fellow of Magdalen College Cambridge 1763, and had issue (whose great-grandson was Field Marshall Earl Kitchener (see Burke’s Peerage FIELD MARSHAL EARL KITCHENER).

2i Rev John FISKE, Rector of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk 1719–53, ordained as a Priest 25 December 1719 at a special ordination in Kings Street Chapel, Westminster by the Bishop of Lincoln, baptised 28 December 1693, educated at Queens’ College Cambridge (MA), married Elizabeth Gosnold, daughter of the Rev Lionel Gosnold, Rector of Otley, Suffolk, (great, great, great, great, great, great grandson of George Plantagenet, Duke Of Clarence, younger brother and sometime heir to King Edward IV, elder brother to King Richard III, see Burke’s Peerage MARQUESSES OF ABERGAVENNY) and died 4 October 1764, having had with other issue

1j Rev John FISKE, Rector of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk 1754, received upon marriage ‘a fortune of £18,000’, born 1725, educated at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge (MA), married 10 August 1761 Sarah Thomas (died August 1762), daughter and heiress of Dr Samuel Thomas, of Lavenham, and died 10 April 1778 (buriedat Thorpe Morieux), having had issue,

Arms, Crest and Motto of Harrison of Copford, Essex

1k Sarah Thomas FISKE, married at Copford 11 December 1783 John Haynes Harrison, of Copford Hall, Essex, Lord of the Manors of Copford and Felsham, Major in the Militia, and died 12 December 1825, having had with other issue,

Arms, Crest and Motto of Fiske of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk

1l Fyske Goodeve FISKE-HARRISON, Lord of the Manor of Copford, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, High Sheriff of Essex, Major in the Militia, born 1793; educated Charterhouse and St. John’s College Cambridge (MA); died 1872. (see Burke’s Landed Gentry of 1847 FISKE-HARRISON OF COPFORD HALL)

2l Rev Thomas HARRISON, Rector of Thorpe Morieux, married Ann Tomlinson, daughter of Rear-Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson, and had with other issue,

1m Thomas Haynes HARRISON, one of the first body of colonists who sailed in 1850 to found the Canterbury Settlement, New Zealand.

2m Rt Rev William Thomas HARRISON, MA, DD, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway 1888–1903, born 22 September 1837, educated at Trinity College Cambridge (MA 1863, DD 1889), and died 11 December 1920, leaving issue.

3m Catherine HARRISON, married John Ruggles Brise, of Spains Hall, Essex, and Clare, Suffolk, JP, High Sheriff of Suffolk 1829, and had issue (see Burke’s Landed Gentry of 1972 RUGGLES-BRISE OF SPAIN’S HALL, ESSEX).

3a Augustine FFYSKE, born at Laxfield 1456, married Joan, and died 1508 (will dated 15 March 1508 and proved 11 April 1508, and was buried at Laxfield).

4a Robert FFYSKE, married first 1500 Susan Lea, daughter of John Lea, and had issue.

5a Sir John FFYSKE, of Holton, Suffolk, priest, born at Laxfield circa 1454.

6a Simon FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1460, married Elizabeth, and was buried at Laxfield 1538.

7a Margery FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1450.

8a Margaret FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1452.

The eldest son,

THOMAS FFYSKE, Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, Laxfield (Charter 8 September 1500) and Fressingfield, born circa 1467, married circa 1486 Annes or Agnes, and died December 1525 (will dated 27 October 1525 and proved 10 December 1525), having had issue,

1a William FFYSKE, of Stadhaugh, born circa 1500, married Margaret Ball, and died 1559 (will dated 15 October 1558), having had issue,

1b Mathew FFYSKE, of Stadhaugh, born circa 1540, married Elizabeth Jordain, daughter of William Jordain, and was buried at Laxfield 1628 (will dated 11 June 1627), having had with other issue,

1c Nicholas FISKE, Professor of Physic, granted Arms 1633, baptised at Framlingham, Suffolk 31 July 1575, married Judith Reade, daughter of William Reade, of Colchester, Essex, Parson of Trinity Church and of St Martins Lane, and was buried at St Pauls, Covent Garden, London 1658.

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Plantagenet Ancestry (and back to William the Conqueror & Charlemagne)

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Note: Below is the Abergavenny record from Burke’s Peerage which shows the Plantagenet line which ends in the Fiske-Harrison family.

Prince George Plantagenet, younger brother and heir to King Edward IV (although he was beheaded before succeeding and his brother Duke of Gloucester crowned King Richard III) married Lady Isabel Neville, daughter of Richard Neville, 16th Earl of Warwick, the most powerful nobleman in England known as ‘Warwick the Kingmaker’ for his actions in the Wars of the Roses.

Their daughter, Margaret Plantagenet, Countess of Salisbury, was the only woman in that period to be a peer in her own right, and was one of the richest nobles in England. Due to the dynastic threat she posed, and her loyalty to the Church of Rome, she was beheaded by the usurper Henry VIII of the House of Tudor, her cousin. Pope Leo XIII beatified her as a martyr for the Catholic Church on 29 December 1886.

Maragaret was the last of the Plantagenet line. (Her younger brother, Edward, 17th Earl of Warwick, was the last legitimate Royal heir in the line of Plantagenets to the throne of England. During the reign of the usurper Henry VII of the House of Tudor, he was tried by John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford – also a cousin – and executed, most likely due to pressure applied by Ferdinand and Isabella, King and Queen of Spain, whose daughter Catherine of Aragon was to marry Henry’s son.)


Countess of Salisbury


Sir Geoffrey Pole’s tenth child, Margaret – referenced but not listed above (she was the fifth of the six daughters) – married the Hon. Walter Windsor, son of the 2nd Baron Windsor, and their eldest daughter, Winifred, married John Gosnold of Otley Hall in Suffolk. (This is shown in the genealogical text below, which is available at this website, which traces the Plantagenets – and thus Fiske-Harrisons – back to William the Conqueror, who was himself a direct descendant of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne.)


Countess of Salisbury II

The following is a Memorial to John Gosnold, inscribed on a Memorial Tablet at St. Mary’s Church, Otley, Suffolk, England:




Here resteth interred the body of John Gosnold 3rd Sonne of Robert Gosnold of Otley, Esq. & Ursula his wife borne of the right ancient & wor; families of Naunton & Wingfield of Letheringham.

His tender years in good studies at Oxford and in London his riper years hee spent in Court where he served in the places of gentle man Vsher in the ordinary of Maties of Q Elizabeth and K James 26 years and was after A Gentleman of y privy chamber in the ordinarie to King Charles. He married Winifred y daughter of Walter Windsor Esq. sonn of William Lo: Windsor and of Margaret his wife daughter of SR Geoffrey Poole Knight and the Lady Margaret Countess of Salisbury his wife daughter of the right noble Prince George Duke of Clarence brother to K: Edward the fourth of England & C

He departed the life 17th February Anno Dni: 1628 aged 60 years, who had issue by his said wife 5 sonnes & 3 daughters to who’s memory his said wife caused this inscription to be erected.

Robert Gosnold, 1534-1615, father of John Gosnold. Robert married Ursula Naunton (1545-1615), daughter of Sir William Naunton (1506-bef. 1557) and Elizabeth Wingfied (c. 1520-1530 d. 1592). Ursula's maternal grandparents were Sir Anthony Wingfield of Letheringham, Suffolk and Lady Elizabeth de Vere Wingfield, daughter of the Earl of Oxford.

Robert Gosnold, 1534-1615, father of John Gosnold. married Ursula Naunton (1545-1615), daughter of Sir William Naunton (1506-bef. 1557) and Elizabeth Wingfied (c. 1520-1530 d. 1592). Ursula’s maternal grandparents were Sir Anthony Wingfield of Letheringham, Suffolk and Lady Elizabeth de Vere Wingfield, daughter of the John de Vere, 13th Earl of Oxford.


John’s eldest son Robert Gosnold was born in 1587, married Anne Talmache or Tollemache on Feb 20th 1609 at Helmingham, and died d.1633.

His eldest son Robert Gosnold was baptised May 12th 1611 and married Dorothy Jegon.

His eldest son Reverend Lionel Gosnold was born 1640, married Rebecca Hardy and died 1702.

His eldest daughter Elizabeth Gosnold married Reverend John Fiske (see main record.)

Otley Hall

Otley Hall in Suffolk


Debrett’s: Clive Fiske Harrison

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From Debrett’s People of Today

HARRISON, Clive Fiske; s of William Henry Fiske Harrison (d 1992), and Evelyn, née Stubbs (d 1990); b 23 November 1939, Colchester, Essex; Educ Felsted, Trinity Hall Cambridge (MA); m 1965, Barbara Gail, née Horne; 3 s (Byron b 1967, Jules b 1969, Alexander b 1976); Career Panmure Gordon 1961, Hodgson & Baker 1965, fndr Fiske plc 1973 (currently chm and ceo); memb: London Stock Exchange 1965, Securities Inst 1990; Clubs Garrick, Reform; Style— Clive Fiske Harrison, Esq, Contact 114, Eaton Square, Belgravia, London S.W.1.

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Fiske-Harrison of Copford Hall, Essex

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From Burke’s Armory

Fiske-Harrison (Copford Hall, co. Essex). Quaterly, 1st and 4th, az, two barz erm. betw. six estoiles, three, two, and one ar.; 2nd and 3rd, ar. three crescents barry undée az. and gu. Crest (italic) – Out of a ducal coronet or, a talbot’s head of the last guttée de poix.

From Burke’s Landed Gentry (1847)

From Burke’s Visitation of Seats and Arms of Noblemen and Gentlemen

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Copford Hall

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From A History of the County of Essex

The manor of COPFORD HALL was part of the possessions of Aethelric (d. c. 995) which he devised to Aelfstan, bishop of London, and his successors. (fn. 84) Before 1086 the king gave 17 a. of it to Robert Gernon, who held lands in Birch. (fn. 85) The rest of the manor remained in the see of London until it came to the Crown, presumably on the deprivation of bishop Bonner in 1559. (fn. 86) James I sold it in 1610 to John Argent and John Phillips, both of London. (fn. 87) Argent, who in 1593 had married the widow of the tenant, Reynold Mountjoy (d. 1589), had sold the manor by 1612 to Reynold’s elder brother, Edmund Mountjoy of Wethersfield (d. 1623). Edmund was childless and exercised the lordship jointly with his nephew, William Mountjoy, son of Edmund’s other brother Alan. William had presumably died by 1614 for there after Alan Mountjoy (d. 1625) was described as the lord. (fn. 88)

John Haynes had bought the manor by 1626, but was in America from 1633 until 1651, where he became governor of Massachusetts and then of Connecticut. Emanuel Haynes acted as lord in his absence. In 1654 John was succeeded by his son Robert Haynes (d. 1657) and then by Robert’s brother, Hezekiah, who had been one of Oliver Cromwell’s majorgenerals and who was imprisoned in the Tower of London from 1660 to 1662 for alleged treason. Hezekiah died in 1693. (fn. 89) His son John, on whom he had settled Copford, predeceased him in 1692 and the manor passed to his grandson John, who died childless in 1713, and then to John’s younger brother, Hezekiah. That Hezekiah Haynes, who died childless in 1763, devised it to his cousin John Harrison, who conveyed it in 1783 to his son John Haynes Harrison (d. 1839). (fn. 90)

J. H. Harrison’s son, Fiske Goodeve Fiske-Harrison (d. 1872), succeeded, then Fiske’s nephew Thomas H. Harrison (d. 1895), Thomas’s brother William T. Harrison (d. 1920) who was bishop of Glasgow and Galloway 1888-1903, William’s son Cyril Colvin Fiske Harrison (d. 1937), and C. C. F.’s widow, Mrs. A. G. D. Harrison. She held the lordship until 1946, when A. Brian C. Harrison, a descendant of Hezekiah Haynes (d. 1693), succeeded; he was Conservative M.P. for Maldon 1955-74 and was still lord in 1998, although much of the land had been sold in 1979. (fn. 91) Read the rest of this entry »

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Cousins: The Earls Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome, Kent

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From Burke’s Peerage

Arms: Gu. a chevron arg. surmounted by another az. between three bustards ppr., in the centre chief point a bezant. Crest: A stag’s head erased, transfixed through the neck by an arrow in bend, point to the dexter, all ppr., and between the attires a horseshoe or. Supporters: Dexter, a camel ppr., bridle, trappings and line pendant, reflexed over the back gu., gorged with a collar or, suspended therefrom an escutcheon paly bendy az. and erm., a canton of the last, charged with a portucullis gold; sinister, a gnu ppr., gorged as the dexter, suspended therefrom an escutcheon erm. charged with a chevron engrailed vert, thereon four horse-shoes, also gold. Motto: Thorough. Creations: V. (UK) 11 July 1902 (Kitchener of Khartoum); E., V. (Broome), and B. (UK) 27 July 1914.

THE 3RD EARL KITCHENER OF KHARTOUM AND OF BROOME , in the Co of Kent, Viscount Kitchener, of Khartoum, and of the Vaal, in the Colony of the Transvaal, Viscount Broome of Broome, in the Co of Kent, and Baron Denton of Denton, in the Co of Kent, and of Aspall, in the Co of Suffolk (Henry Herbert Kitchener, TD, DL (Cheshire 1972)) [The Rt Hon The Earl Kitchener of Khartoum TD DL, Westergate Wood, Eastergate, W Sussex, PO20 3SB]; born 24 Feb 1919; succeeded gf 1937; educatedWinchester and Trin College Cambridge; Page Honour to HM GEORGE VI Coronation 1937, WW II as Maj Roy Signals; Pres: Lord Kitchener Nat Memorial Fund 1950–, Henry Doubleday Res Assoc

Lineage: THOMAS KITCHENER; born c 1666 at Binstead, Alton, Hants, of a family settled there since at least 1555; land agent at Lakenheath, Suffolk, 1693, to Sir Nicholas Stuart, 1st Bt, Lord of the Manor; churchwarden 1697; married Abigail Clarke (buried 19 June 1747) and died 5 April 1731, having had, with other issue:

ROBERT KITCHENER, of Lakenheath; baptised 16 Oct 1717; married (licence 17 Sept 1738) Ann (died 21 Dec 1775), daughter of Edward Fisher, of West Row, Suffolk, and died 15 Dec 1775, having had an eldest son:

THOMAS KITCHENER, of Lakenheath and Bury St Edmunds; baptised 18 April 1740; married 25 April 1764 Martha (died 31 Aug 1826), daughter of William Robinson, of Eriswell Hall, Suffolk, and died between 18 May and 13 Oct 1821, having had, with two daughters (including Elizabeth, born 23 Jan 1777, married 31 Dec 1799 Habbakuk Robinson (died 4 Jan 1851), of Bagshot, Surrey, brother of Henry Crabb Robinson, diarist, and died 5 May 1803, leaving issue):

WILLIAM KITCHENER, of London; b Lakenheath 24 Feb 1768; Freeman Clothworkers’ Co 1791; married 1st 29 March 1792 Laetitia (died 13 Aug 1797), daughter of Rev Thomas Waldegrave, of Bury St Edmunds, and had, with other issue:

1a Robinson John; born 23 July 1794; Master Clothworkers’ Co 1864–65; m 1st 1820 Anne (died 11 Aug 1832), daughter of William Shrubsole; married 2nd 1835 Susanna Goddard (died 12 March 1872) and died without issue 19 May 1868

WILLIAM KITCHENER married 2nd 22 April 1799 Emma (died 16 June 1853), daughter of Rev Thomas Cripps, Rector Cheadle, by Catherine, daughter of William Buck, of New Grange, Lincs, and had, with other issue:

2a Thomas, of Mildenhall; born 1 Sept 1801; married 6 Dec 1825 Susan (buried 20 Oct 1850), daughter of Rev John Barwick Sams, Rector Honington, Suffolk, and died 9 April 1836, having had:

1b Thomas; born 14 Feb 1831; MD; married 1st Isabel de Carteret (died without issue ); married 2nd 1863 Mary Louisa (buried 16 Aug 1879), daughter of Frederick Charles Clarke, and was buried 25 Oct 1882, leaving:

1c Thomas Martin Cripps; born 25 May 1869; married 28 Oct 1904 Alice, daughter of Alexander Proctor, MD, and died 26 Nov 1934, leaving:

1d Thomas Hunt Cripps; born 23 March 1906

1c Evelyn Bertha; born 27 Jan 1872; married 13 April 1898 Maj Gerard Arthur Fletcher Sanders, RE, and had issue

2b Henry; born 5 Nov 1835; Capt 6th Foot; married 2 Aug 1866 Mary Arabella, daughter of Thomas Laud, of Jamaica, and died 22 July 1882, leaving issue (d unmarried)

1b Jane; died 6 July 1848 aged 15

3a William Cripps, of Newmarket, Suffolk; born 22 Jan 1803; married 26 Sept 1825 Ann (died 16 June 1877), only child of John Orbell, of Kentford Hall, Suffolk, and died 7 Feb 1872, having had:

1b William Orbell; born 11 Sept 1826; married Sept 1877 Eliza Ashford and died without issue 14 Dec 1877

2b Francis Elliott, of Oulton Old Hall, Staffs, JP; born 30 Dec 1838; MA, LLM Cambridge, Fell Trin College 1863–68; CA Staffs; m 13 Aug 1868 Frances Anna (died 21 Feb 1909), daughter of Rev John Parish Hammond, Vicar Sopley, Hants, and died without issue 6 July 1915

1b Emma; born 24 Sept 1829; married 30 May 1860 William Henry Day, MD, of Holly Hill, Meopham, Kent, and died 14 Sept 1909, having had issue

2b Annette; born 26 June 1835; married 26 July 1866 John Peile, MA, LittD, Master Christ’s College Cambridge, and died 28 Dec 1920, leaving issue

4a HENRY HORATIO; see below

5a Phillip Elliott, of Little Warden Park, Essex, and Adair, Co Limerick; born 27 April 1807; married 4 Oct 1847 Elizabeth (died 15 Nov 1911), daughter of Henry Thornton, and died 30 March 1875, having had:

1b Elliott; born 25 Dec 1865; educated Christ’s College Cambridge (MA); married 25 July 1906 Bessie Maud (died 16 Aug 1932), only daughter of Harry MacIver, of Wyncote, Allerton, and died 9 Oct 1929

2b Henry Thornton; born 22 July 1868; CE; married 12 June 1907 Elizabeth Margaret (died 19 Aug 1932), daughter of Michael Evans, of Liverpool, and died 1961

1b Jane Penelope; born 24 Dec 1855; died 15 Feb 1939

2b Ellen Mary; born 26 Jan 1860; married 1890 Edwin Budden (died 1907), MA Oxon, BSc London, and died 21 Aug 1940, leaving issue

WILLIAM KITCHENER died in the lifetime of the father 4 June 1807; his 4th son,

HENRY HORATIO KITCHENER, of Cossington, Leics; born 19 Oct 1805; Lt-Col 9th Foot, previously 13th Light Dragoons; married 1st 24 July 1845 Frances (died 1864), daughter of Rev John Chevallier, MD, of Aspall Hall, Suffolk (see BLG 1972 GUILD), and had:


2a HORATIO HERBERT KITCHENER, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome, of Khartoum and of Broome, Co Kent, so created 27 July 1914, as also BARON DENTON of Denton, Co Kent, VISCOUNT BROOME of Broome, with special remainder, failing heirs male of his body, to any daughters he might have and heirs male of their bodies, failing whom to his eldest brother Henry then his youngest brother Frederick and the heirs male of their bodies, also earlier 1 Nov 1898 BARON KITCHENER, of Khartoum, and of Aspall, Suffolk, with remainder to the heirs male of his body only (and with a grant and the thanks of Parl), then 11 July 1902 VISCOUNT KITCHENER OF KHARTOUM and of the Vaal in the Colony of the Transvaal, and of Aspall, Suffolk, with special remainder as for the Earldom, KG (1915), KP (1911), GCB (1898, KCB 1896, CB 1889), OM (1902), GSCI (1909), GCMG (1900, KCMG 1894, CMG 1886, GCIE (1908), PC (1914); born 24 June 1850; Palestine survey 1874–78, Cyprus survey 1879–79, V-Consul Anatolia 1879–80, served Egyptian Army 1883–85 and 1886–89 (Sudan Expdn 1884–85; despatches, medal with clasp, bronze star, Brevet Lt-Col; ops round Suakin 1888 (severely wounded), Sudan 1888–89 (despatches twice); Govr Red Sea Littoral 1886–88, ADC to HM QUEEN VICTORIA 1888–96, Sirdar Egyptian Army 1892–99 (cmded Dongola Expdn 1896 (Maj-Gen, 1st Cl Osmanieh, Egyptian medal with two clasps), Nile Expdn 1897 (despatches, clasp) and 1898 Expdn (Atbara and Khartoum; despatches, two clasps and medal)), Boer War: Ch of Staff 1899–1900 and C-in-C 1900–02 (Queen’s medal with three clasps, King’s medal with two clasps), C-in-C India 1902–09; FM; Agent, Consul-Gen and Min Plen Egypt 1911–1914, memb CID 1910–16, Sec State War 1914–16 Col Cmdt RE, Col Irish Gds and 7th Gurkha Rifles, Col in Chief Natal Carabineers, High Steward Ipswich 1909, LLD Cantab and Edin, DCL Oxon, Lord Rector Edinburgh U 1914, KJStJ; died unmarried on sinking of HMS Hampshire W of the Orkneys 5 June 1916 en route to Russia, when the 1898 Barony expired Read the rest of this entry »

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Cousins: The Viscounts Gough of Goojerat in the Punjab and of the city of Limerick

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From Burke’s Peerage

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. on a mount vert a lion passant-guardant or, supporting with its dexter paw the Union flag flowing to the sinister ppr., and over the same in chief the words ‘China’, ‘India’, in letters of gold; 2nd and 3rd, az. on a fess arg. between three boar’s heads couped or a lion passant gu.; in the centre chief point, pendant from a riband arg., fimbriated az., a representation of the badge of the Spanish Order of Charles III ppr., and on a chief a representation of the east wall of the fortress of Tarifa with a breach between two turrets, the dexter turret surmounted by the British flag flying, all ppr.
Crests: 1 (centre) A boar’s head, couped or, 2 (dexter) On a mural crown arg. a lion passant-guardant or, holding in the dexter paw two flag-staves in bend sinister ppr., one, the Union flag of Great Britain and Ireland, surmounting the other, the staff thereof broken, with a triangular banner flowing therefrom to represent a Chinese flag, having thereon a dragon, and in an escroll above the word ‘China’, 3 (sinister) A dexter arm embowed in facings of the 87th Regt (gu. faced vert), the hand grasping the colour of the said regiment displayed, and a representation of a French eagle, reversed and depressed, the staff broken ppr., in an escroll above the word ‘Barossa’.
Supporters: Dexter, a lion regardant or, gorged with an eastern crown gu., with chain reflexed over the back gold, the rim of the crown inscribed ‘Punjab’ in letters also gold; sinister, a Chinese dragon or, gorged with a mural crown sa., inscribed with the word ‘China’ and chained gold.
Over the centre (family) crest ‘Faugh a Ballagh’ (‘Clear the way’); under the arms ‘Goojerat’.
Creations: Bt. (UK) 23 Dec 1842, B. (UK) 25 April 1846, V. (UK) 15 June 1849.

THE 5TH VISCOUNT GOUGH OF GOOJERATin the Punjab AND OF the city of LIMERICK, Baron Gough of ChinKangFoo in China and of Maharajpore and the Sutlej in the East Indies, and a Baronet (Sir Shane Hugh Maryon Gough, Bt) [The Rt Hon The Viscount Gough, Keppoch House, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire IV14 9AD; 17 Stanhope Gardens, London SW7 5RQ]; born 26 Aug 1941; succeeded f 1951; educated Abberley Hall Worcs and Winchester; Lt Irish Gds, commissioned 1962, ret 1967, memb Roy Co Archers, memb Exec Ctee Standing Cncl Btage, local dir Centl London Bd Roy Insur, Tstee Gardner’s Trust for the Blind and Schizophrenia Research, memb exec cncl RNIB and Scottish Lifeboat Cncl RNLI, FRGS Read the rest of this entry »

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Cousins: The Baronets Ruggles-Brise of Spain’s Hall, Essex

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From Burke’s Landed Gentry (1972)

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. a cross between four mascles arg., all within a bordure sa., charged with eight quatrefoils of the second (for BRISE); 2nd and 3rd, arg. on a chevron gu., between three roses of the second, barbed, seeded, leaved and slipped ppr., as many estoiles or (for RUGGLES). Crests: 1 A demi-crocodile sa. (for BRISE), 2 In front of twelve arrows in saltire ppr., heads outward, a tower or, inflamed ppr. (for RUGGLES). Motto: Struggle. Creation: Bt. (UK) 31 Jan 1935.

SIR JOHN ARCHIBALD RUGGLES-BRISE, 2ND BT , of Spains Hall, Finchingfield, Co Essex, CB (1958), OBE (1945) TD, JP (Essex 1946) [Sir John Ruggles-Brise Bt CB OBE TD, Spains Hall, Finchingfield, Essex CM7 4PF]; born 13 June 1908; succeeded f 1942; educatedEton; WW II in AA Cmd, cmded 1st 450 Mixed HAA Regt, formed and cmded 459th Mixed HAA Regt (TA), Essex: Lord Lt 1958–78, V-Lt 1947–58, DL 1945, Pres T&AFA 1958–66; Church Commr 1959–65, pres CLA 1958–1959 and Game Fair, chm Standing Cncl Baronetage 1958–63, Pro-Chllr Essex U 1964–79, Hon Freeman Chelmsford, former govr Felsted and Chigwell Schs, memb Lloyd’s Underwriters, KStJ

Lineage: Col Sir SAMUEL RUGGLES-BRISE, KCB, of Spains Hall, Essex, JP (Essex), DL; had: Read the rest of this entry »

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Cousins: The Goughs of Corsley House, Wiltshire

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From Burke’s Landed Gentry (1972)

Arms–Gu. on a fesse or between three boars’ heads a lion passant of the field. Crest:–A boar’s head and neck couped or. Motto:–Faugh a ballagh.

COL. PERCY HUGH GOUGH, OBE (1948) , of Corsley House, nr Warminster, Wilts, RA 1928-48, RHA 1936-38, served in WW II, ret 1948; born 8 Dec 1908; educated Wellington; married 24 Sept 1938, •Margaret Katherine, daughter of Frederick Wallis, of Borrowdale, Salisbury, Rhodesia, formerly of Elvendon Priory, Goring, Oxon (see that family, 1952 edn), and has had issue,

1a •HUGH DUNCAN (Cley Hill Farm, Corsley, Warminster, Wilts); born 1 Dec 1939; educated Michaelhouse, Natal, and Seale-Hayne Ag College; married 8 July, 1967, •Rosalind Mary, only daughter of John Linly Tedbury, of Mousehill Manor, Milford, Surrey.

2a John David; born 26 Jan 1943; died 18 Sept 1945.

3a David Wallis Bloomfield; born 29 Aug; died 1 Sept 1953.

4a •William Frederick Hubert; born 29 Aug 1954; educated Stanbridge Earls Sch

1a •Elizabeth (Jill); born 7 July, 1941; married 31 Dec 1966, •David Lionel Swale (36, Canonbury Park North, N.1), 3rd son of late Wilfred Herbert Swale, of Upperchute, Wilts, and has issue,

•Nicholas Frederick; born 9 Nov 1970.

•Victoria Jane; born 7 May, 1968.

2a •Mary Miranda (Corsley House, nr Warminster, Wilts); born 8 Aug 1946.

3a •Letitia Margaret Ann; born 2 July, 1948; married 17 Oct 1970, •Richard Mark Pickles (Garden Cottage, Gwalia, Flintshire), s of Edmund Pickles, of Winebury House, Gresford.

Lineage–THE VERY REV. THOMAS BUNBURY GOUGH, Dean of Derry; born 13 June, 1777; s of Lt-Col George Gough, of Woodstown, Co Limerick, and brother of FM 1st Viscount Gough (see Burke’s Peerage FIELD MARSHAL VISCOUNT GOUGH); married 19 March, 1800, Charlotte (died 14 Feb 1862), 2nd daughter of John Bloomfield, of Redwood, Tipperary, and died 8 May, 1860, leaving issue,

1a GEORGE, of whom presently.

2a John Bloomfield (Sir), GCB (1875), Gen, Col 2nd Dragoons, Dep Q.M.G. in China, formerly Mil Sec to Count-in-C. India, cmded 2nd Bde of Cav at Moodkee and Ferozeshah; married 1st, 1840, Carmina, daughter of E Hitchins; 2nd, 1846, Margaret, daughter of Maj-Gen Sir John M’Caskill, KCB; and 3rd, 6 Nov 1850, Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of George Arbuthnot, of Elderslie (see PRIDEAUX of Elderslie), and died 1891, leaving issue, five sons and two daughters.

3a Thomas Bunbury, Col 33rd Regt, k in Crimea, 1855, s.p.

4a Benjamin Bloomfield (Rev); married Letitia, eldest daughter of Benjamin Frend, of Boskell, Co Limerick (see that family, BURKE’S L.G. of Ireland, 1912 edn), and had issue, three sons and four daughters.

5a Percy; married and had issue, three sons.

1a Charlotte; married Rev George Smith.

The eldest son,

GEORGE GOUGH, of Rathronan, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, HEICS; born 1802; married 1st, Charlotte Hart; and 2nd, –. He married 3rd, 1829, Charlotte Becher, and by her had issue, with four daughters.,

1a George Thomas, Maj-Gen; born 1830.

2a Charles John Stanley (Sir), VC, KCB (1881) (C.B 1875), Maj-Gen, Col Cmdt 5th Bengal Cav 1864, served in Punjab and in Indian Mutiny at siege and capture of Lucknow (VC); born 1832; married 16 June, 1869, Harriet Anastatia (died 26 March, 1916), daughter John William Power, MP, of Gurteen, Co Waterford, and sister of 1st Count De La Poer (see BURKE’S LANDED GENTRY of Ireland), and died 6 Sept 1912, leaving issue,

1b Hubert de la Poer (Sir), GCB (1937) (KCB 1916, C.B 1912), GCMG (1919), K.CVO (1917), Gen (ret 1922) 16th Lancers (cmdg 1907-10, Col from 1936), on Tirah Exped. 1897-98, served in S. African War 1897-1902 (severely wounded, despatches), in WW I (cmdg 5th Army) (despatches) and in WW II with HG (cmded Chelsea branch), Staff Prof at College 1904-06, Gd. Offr of Order of Leopold of Belgium, Orders of White Eagle of Russia, with swords, Charles III of Spain, and Crown and Sword of Sweden, Legion of Honour, French and Belgian Croix de Guerre; born 12 Aug 1870; educated Eton, and RMC Sandhurst; married 22 Dec 1898. Louisa Nora (died 23 March, 1951), younger daughter of Maj-Gen Henry Colebrook Lewis, RA, and died 18 March, 1963, having had issue,

1c (Valentine Charles) Lewes; died an Infant

1c •Myrtle Eleanore; married 10 Nov 1936, •Maj Eric Adlhelm Torlogh Dutton, CMG, CBE, late W. Yorks Regt (Dar el Fidgi, Tangier, Morocco) (see Burke’s Peerage and Gentry FISKE-HARRISON FAMILY), s of Rev Charles Dutton, of Lothersdale, Yorks, and has issue.

2c •Audrey Anne.

3c •Joyce.

4c •Denise Marguerite; married 1937, Capt Leslie Montague-Jones, RE, and has issue, one s. She married 2nd, 1945, •John Leslie Cecil Boyes, and has further issue, one s.

2b John, VC (1903), KCB (posthumous, April, 1915) (C.B), CMG (1910), Brig-Gen late Rifle Bde, served in Brit. Central Africa 1896-97, in S. African War 1899-1902, at Daratoleh 1903, and in WW I, ADC to HM KING GEORGE V, Inspr.-Gen King’s African Rifles; born 25 Oct 1871; married 29 June, 1907, Dorothea Agnes, Lady Gough (died 2 April, 1962), eldest daughter of Gen Sir Charles Patton Keyes, GCB, of Croghan, Co Donegal (see BURKE’S Peerage, KEYES, B), and died of wounds received in action, 22 Feb 1915, leaving issue, one daughter

3a HUGH HENRY (Sir), of whom presently.

4a Percy; married , and had issue,

Hugh George, of Hyderabad; married , and had issue,

1c •Guy Francis, DSO (1940), MC (1918), Brig Roy Irish Fus (ret 1946), served in WW I (wounded, despatches twice), cmded 1st Bn Nigeria Regt 1936-37, served in WW II, cmded 1st Bn Roy Irish Fus (Dunkirk), 11th Inf Bde, and Advanced Base Sub-Area of First Army (Algeria); born 1893; educated Oratory, and RMC Sandhurst; married 1st, 1914, Dorothy Marie (died 1953), daughter of late Edwin Paget Palmer, of Patcham House, Sussex, and has issue, one son and one daughter He married 2nd, 1954, •Elizabeth Treharn, daughter of Lewis David Thomas, of Newton, nr Porthcawl.

2c •Hubert.

3c •John.

He married 4th, Ann Barton, and died 1887. The 3rd son,

GEN. SIR HUGH HENRY GOUGH, VC (1857), GCB (1896) (C.B 1869), Keeper of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London (not in addresses), formerly ISC, entered Bengal Army 1853, served in Indian Mutiny, in Abyssinia 1869, and 2nd Afghan War 1879-80 (wounded, despatches); born 14 Nov 1833; married 8 Sept 1863, Annie Margaret (died April, 1922), youngest daughter of Edward Eustace Hill, of Co Longford, and died 12 May, 1909, having had issue, Read the rest of this entry »

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