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Cousins: The Earls Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome, Kent

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From Burke’s Peerage

Arms: Gu. a chevron arg. surmounted by another az. between three bustards ppr., in the centre chief point a bezant. Crest: A stag’s head erased, transfixed through the neck by an arrow in bend, point to the dexter, all ppr., and between the attires a horseshoe or. Supporters: Dexter, a camel ppr., bridle, trappings and line pendant, reflexed over the back gu., gorged with a collar or, suspended therefrom an escutcheon paly bendy az. and erm., a canton of the last, charged with a portucullis gold; sinister, a gnu ppr., gorged as the dexter, suspended therefrom an escutcheon erm. charged with a chevron engrailed vert, thereon four horse-shoes, also gold. Motto: Thorough. Creations: V. (UK) 11 July 1902 (Kitchener of Khartoum); E., V. (Broome), and B. (UK) 27 July 1914.

THE 3RD EARL KITCHENER OF KHARTOUM AND OF BROOME , in the Co of Kent, Viscount Kitchener, of Khartoum, and of the Vaal, in the Colony of the Transvaal, Viscount Broome of Broome, in the Co of Kent, and Baron Denton of Denton, in the Co of Kent, and of Aspall, in the Co of Suffolk (Henry Herbert Kitchener, TD, DL (Cheshire 1972)) [The Rt Hon The Earl Kitchener of Khartoum TD DL, Westergate Wood, Eastergate, W Sussex, PO20 3SB]; born 24 Feb 1919; succeeded gf 1937; educatedWinchester and Trin College Cambridge; Page Honour to HM GEORGE VI Coronation 1937, WW II as Maj Roy Signals; Pres: Lord Kitchener Nat Memorial Fund 1950–, Henry Doubleday Res Assoc

Lineage: THOMAS KITCHENER; born c 1666 at Binstead, Alton, Hants, of a family settled there since at least 1555; land agent at Lakenheath, Suffolk, 1693, to Sir Nicholas Stuart, 1st Bt, Lord of the Manor; churchwarden 1697; married Abigail Clarke (buried 19 June 1747) and died 5 April 1731, having had, with other issue:

ROBERT KITCHENER, of Lakenheath; baptised 16 Oct 1717; married (licence 17 Sept 1738) Ann (died 21 Dec 1775), daughter of Edward Fisher, of West Row, Suffolk, and died 15 Dec 1775, having had an eldest son:

THOMAS KITCHENER, of Lakenheath and Bury St Edmunds; baptised 18 April 1740; married 25 April 1764 Martha (died 31 Aug 1826), daughter of William Robinson, of Eriswell Hall, Suffolk, and died between 18 May and 13 Oct 1821, having had, with two daughters (including Elizabeth, born 23 Jan 1777, married 31 Dec 1799 Habbakuk Robinson (died 4 Jan 1851), of Bagshot, Surrey, brother of Henry Crabb Robinson, diarist, and died 5 May 1803, leaving issue):

WILLIAM KITCHENER, of London; b Lakenheath 24 Feb 1768; Freeman Clothworkers’ Co 1791; married 1st 29 March 1792 Laetitia (died 13 Aug 1797), daughter of Rev Thomas Waldegrave, of Bury St Edmunds, and had, with other issue:

1a Robinson John; born 23 July 1794; Master Clothworkers’ Co 1864–65; m 1st 1820 Anne (died 11 Aug 1832), daughter of William Shrubsole; married 2nd 1835 Susanna Goddard (died 12 March 1872) and died without issue 19 May 1868

WILLIAM KITCHENER married 2nd 22 April 1799 Emma (died 16 June 1853), daughter of Rev Thomas Cripps, Rector Cheadle, by Catherine, daughter of William Buck, of New Grange, Lincs, and had, with other issue:

2a Thomas, of Mildenhall; born 1 Sept 1801; married 6 Dec 1825 Susan (buried 20 Oct 1850), daughter of Rev John Barwick Sams, Rector Honington, Suffolk, and died 9 April 1836, having had:

1b Thomas; born 14 Feb 1831; MD; married 1st Isabel de Carteret (died without issue ); married 2nd 1863 Mary Louisa (buried 16 Aug 1879), daughter of Frederick Charles Clarke, and was buried 25 Oct 1882, leaving:

1c Thomas Martin Cripps; born 25 May 1869; married 28 Oct 1904 Alice, daughter of Alexander Proctor, MD, and died 26 Nov 1934, leaving:

1d Thomas Hunt Cripps; born 23 March 1906

1c Evelyn Bertha; born 27 Jan 1872; married 13 April 1898 Maj Gerard Arthur Fletcher Sanders, RE, and had issue

2b Henry; born 5 Nov 1835; Capt 6th Foot; married 2 Aug 1866 Mary Arabella, daughter of Thomas Laud, of Jamaica, and died 22 July 1882, leaving issue (d unmarried)

1b Jane; died 6 July 1848 aged 15

3a William Cripps, of Newmarket, Suffolk; born 22 Jan 1803; married 26 Sept 1825 Ann (died 16 June 1877), only child of John Orbell, of Kentford Hall, Suffolk, and died 7 Feb 1872, having had:

1b William Orbell; born 11 Sept 1826; married Sept 1877 Eliza Ashford and died without issue 14 Dec 1877

2b Francis Elliott, of Oulton Old Hall, Staffs, JP; born 30 Dec 1838; MA, LLM Cambridge, Fell Trin College 1863–68; CA Staffs; m 13 Aug 1868 Frances Anna (died 21 Feb 1909), daughter of Rev John Parish Hammond, Vicar Sopley, Hants, and died without issue 6 July 1915

1b Emma; born 24 Sept 1829; married 30 May 1860 William Henry Day, MD, of Holly Hill, Meopham, Kent, and died 14 Sept 1909, having had issue

2b Annette; born 26 June 1835; married 26 July 1866 John Peile, MA, LittD, Master Christ’s College Cambridge, and died 28 Dec 1920, leaving issue

4a HENRY HORATIO; see below

5a Phillip Elliott, of Little Warden Park, Essex, and Adair, Co Limerick; born 27 April 1807; married 4 Oct 1847 Elizabeth (died 15 Nov 1911), daughter of Henry Thornton, and died 30 March 1875, having had:

1b Elliott; born 25 Dec 1865; educated Christ’s College Cambridge (MA); married 25 July 1906 Bessie Maud (died 16 Aug 1932), only daughter of Harry MacIver, of Wyncote, Allerton, and died 9 Oct 1929

2b Henry Thornton; born 22 July 1868; CE; married 12 June 1907 Elizabeth Margaret (died 19 Aug 1932), daughter of Michael Evans, of Liverpool, and died 1961

1b Jane Penelope; born 24 Dec 1855; died 15 Feb 1939

2b Ellen Mary; born 26 Jan 1860; married 1890 Edwin Budden (died 1907), MA Oxon, BSc London, and died 21 Aug 1940, leaving issue

WILLIAM KITCHENER died in the lifetime of the father 4 June 1807; his 4th son,

HENRY HORATIO KITCHENER, of Cossington, Leics; born 19 Oct 1805; Lt-Col 9th Foot, previously 13th Light Dragoons; married 1st 24 July 1845 Frances (died 1864), daughter of Rev John Chevallier, MD, of Aspall Hall, Suffolk (see BLG 1972 GUILD), and had:


2a HORATIO HERBERT KITCHENER, 1st Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome, of Khartoum and of Broome, Co Kent, so created 27 July 1914, as also BARON DENTON of Denton, Co Kent, VISCOUNT BROOME of Broome, with special remainder, failing heirs male of his body, to any daughters he might have and heirs male of their bodies, failing whom to his eldest brother Henry then his youngest brother Frederick and the heirs male of their bodies, also earlier 1 Nov 1898 BARON KITCHENER, of Khartoum, and of Aspall, Suffolk, with remainder to the heirs male of his body only (and with a grant and the thanks of Parl), then 11 July 1902 VISCOUNT KITCHENER OF KHARTOUM and of the Vaal in the Colony of the Transvaal, and of Aspall, Suffolk, with special remainder as for the Earldom, KG (1915), KP (1911), GCB (1898, KCB 1896, CB 1889), OM (1902), GSCI (1909), GCMG (1900, KCMG 1894, CMG 1886, GCIE (1908), PC (1914); born 24 June 1850; Palestine survey 1874–78, Cyprus survey 1879–79, V-Consul Anatolia 1879–80, served Egyptian Army 1883–85 and 1886–89 (Sudan Expdn 1884–85; despatches, medal with clasp, bronze star, Brevet Lt-Col; ops round Suakin 1888 (severely wounded), Sudan 1888–89 (despatches twice); Govr Red Sea Littoral 1886–88, ADC to HM QUEEN VICTORIA 1888–96, Sirdar Egyptian Army 1892–99 (cmded Dongola Expdn 1896 (Maj-Gen, 1st Cl Osmanieh, Egyptian medal with two clasps), Nile Expdn 1897 (despatches, clasp) and 1898 Expdn (Atbara and Khartoum; despatches, two clasps and medal)), Boer War: Ch of Staff 1899–1900 and C-in-C 1900–02 (Queen’s medal with three clasps, King’s medal with two clasps), C-in-C India 1902–09; FM; Agent, Consul-Gen and Min Plen Egypt 1911–1914, memb CID 1910–16, Sec State War 1914–16 Col Cmdt RE, Col Irish Gds and 7th Gurkha Rifles, Col in Chief Natal Carabineers, High Steward Ipswich 1909, LLD Cantab and Edin, DCL Oxon, Lord Rector Edinburgh U 1914, KJStJ; died unmarried on sinking of HMS Hampshire W of the Orkneys 5 June 1916 en route to Russia, when the 1898 Barony expired

3a Arthur Buck; born 1852; married 6 Nov 1898 Edith (died 13 Jan 1908), 2nd daughter of John Paterson, of Melbourne, and died without issue 24 Feb 1907

4a Frederick Walter (Sir), KCB; born 26 May 1858; Lt-Gen, special serv Egypt 1896, cmded 2nd Bn W Yorks Regt 1898–1900, served Afghan War 1878–80 (despatches, medal with clasp), Dongola Expdn 1896 (despatches, 4th Cl Osmanieh, medal with two clasps), Sudan Expdn 1898 (three clasps, Medjidie 3rd Cl), Boer War 1900–02 (despatches), cmded 3rd Div 1st Army Corps India 1903–08, Govr and C-in-C Bermuda 1908–12; married 27 Nov 1884 Caroline (died 3 Nov 1901), daughter of Col Charles Hamilton Fenton, 9th Foot, and died 6 March 1912, having had:

1b Charles Chevallier; born 27 Feb 1886; died 21 May 1889

2b Henry Hamilton; born 10 Sept 1890; Maj Res of Offrs RE, Capt and F/Cdr RFC, S/Ldr RAF; m 1st 8 July 1916 Winifred Esther Everest (died 1959), elder daughter of Hon A W Bluck, MCP, of Hamilton, Bermuda; married 2nd 28 April 1961 Mrs Gwynneth Champion (died 1983) and died 1984, having by his 1st wife had:

1c •Winifred Jean [Mrs Peter Hall, Oakfield House, Spreyton, Crediton, Devon EX17 5AL]; born 3 Dec 1917; married 5 Aug 1954 •Lt Peter J Hall, RN, and has:

1d •Christopher Peter; born 3 May 1955; married 1981 •Sarah Jane Downs and has:

1e •James Henry; born 1985

2e •Robert Hamilton; born 1987

3e •George Howard; born 1990

2c •Eleanor Elizabeth Madge [Mrs Louis Cornhill, 86 Waller Cres, Campbell, Canberra, ACT 2612, Australia]; born Nov 1920; married 1947 Louis Cornhill (died 1971) and has:

1d •Peter; born 12 Oct 1949; has:

1e •Serena Thérèse; born 8 Dec 1984

2e •Jasmine Louise; born 10 May 1987

2d •Robert; born 5 May 1953

1b Dorothy; born 10 Nov 1887; died 17 March 1889

2b Frances Madge, RRC; born 1 Aug 1889

3b Mary Esmé; born 30 July 1892; married 22 June 1915 Ronald Julius Wernher Gervers, MC (died 4 June 1960), and died 13 Nov 1922, leaving issue

4b Philippa Chevallier; born 11 June 1895; married 15 May 1917 Brig Terence Desmond Murray, CBE, DSO, MC (died 17 July 1961), RTR, eldest son of Sir John Huber Plunkett Murray, KCMG, Lt Govr Papua, and had:

1c Molly Patricia; born 1919; married 19–, and died 19–, leaving two daughters

2c •Sybil Madge; born 1921; married 19– and has three sons

3c •Sheila Chevallier; born 1926; married 19– Michael Butler, of St Neot, Cornwall

1a Frances Emily Jane; married 24 June 1869 Harry Rainy Parker (died 15 Dec 1912), of Rothley Temple, Leics, eldest son of V-Chllr Sir James Parker, and died 10 Feb 1925, leaving issue

Lt-Col HENRY KITCHENER married 2nd 1866 Mary Emma Green (died 11 Jan 1918 aged 84) and died 14 Aug 1894, having by her had:

2a Henrietta Letita Emma Kawara; born 1867; Legn Hon; died 7 Oct 1926

The 1st EARL’s elder brother,

HENRY ELLIOTT CHEVALLIER KITCHENER, 2nd Earl Kitchener of Khartoum; born 5 Oct 1846; served Franco-Prussian War 1870 (medal), Col DCLI, cmdg depot W India Regt 1899–1903, Burma 1891 (despatches, medal and clasp), Manipur Expdn 1891 (despatches, clasp) and SE Africa WW I; married 9 Oct 1877 Eleanor Fanny (died 1 June 1898), only child of Lt-Col Franklin Lushington, CB (see LUSHINGTON, Bt), and died without surviving issue 27 March 1937, having had:

1a Henry Franklin Chevallier, Viscount Broome; born 17 Oct 1878; Capt RN, served China 1900 and WW I, 4th Cl Order of the Nile; m 11 Sept 1916 Adela Mary Evelyn (died 1986), daughter of John Henry Monins, of Ringwould Ho, Dover, Kent (see BLG 1952), and died 13 June 1928, leaving:

1b HENRY HERBERT KITCHENER, 3rd and present Earl Kitchener of Khartoum and of Broome

2b Charles Eaton; born 11 March 1920; educated Winchester, and Trin College Cambridge; RCOS; granted with sister 24 March 1938 rank of earl’s dau/yr s; married 15 Aug 1959 •Ursula Hope [The Hon Mrs Charles Kitchener, The Coach House, Stafford House, W Stafford, Dorset DT2 8AA], daughter of Capt Cyril Montagu Luck, CMG, DSO, RN, of Sussex, and died 30 June 1982, leaving:

1c •Emma Joy, LVO (2000) [Mrs Julian Kitchener-Fellowes LVO, Stafford House, W Stafford, Dorset DT2 8AA; 18 Sloane Gdns, London SW1W 8DL]; born 18 Feb 1963; Lady-in-Waiting to HRH PRINCESS MICHAEL OF KENT; married 28 April 1990 •Julian Alexander FELLOWES later KITCHENER-FELLOWES (deed poll 15 Oct 1998), actor (appearances include Kilwillie in BBC1’s Monarch of the Glen) and screenwriter (Oscar for Gosford Park screenplay 2002), youngest son of Peregrine Edward Launcelot Fellowes, of The Court, Chipping Campden (see BLG 1965 FELLOWES-GORDON OF KNOCKESPOCH), and has:

1d •Peregrine Charles Morant; born 1991

1b •Kenya Eleanor [The Lady Kenya Tatton-Brown, Westergate Wood, nr Chichester, Sussex PO20 3SB]; born 12 July 1923; BA; 3rd Offr WRNS WW II; MCSP, SRP, chartered physiotherapist; married 8 Nov 1947 John Stewart Tatton-Brown (died 1 Feb 1971), elder son of Eden Tatton-Brown, CMG, of Westergate Wood (see BLG 1969), and has:

1c •Margaret Caroline; born 1950; married 1984 •A John Aanonson, s of A W Aanonson, of Hornsey

2c •(Adela) Charlotte [Mrs Patrick Appleby, Shrubs Hill, Itchen Abbas, Hants]; born 1951; married 1982 •Patrick B Appleby, younger son of Kenneth Appleby, and has:

1d •Charles; born 1983

2d •Benjamin; born 1985

3d •James Michael; born 1988

3c •Augusta Kenya [Mrs James Saunders, PO Box 149, Jerramungup, 6337 W Australia]; born 1955; married 1976 •James D P Saunders and has:

1d •Duncan John; born 1977

2d •Peter Eden; born 1979

1a Nora Fanny; born 1882; married 17 Dec 1908 Maj Patrick Albert Forbes Winslow à Beckett, RA (died Jan 1941), eldest surviving son of Arthur William à Beckett, barrister, and died 10 May 1919

Peerage 201211

© 2002 – 2011 Burke’s Peerage & Gentry (UK) Limited.


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