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Cousins: The Viscounts Gough of Goojerat in the Punjab and of the city of Limerick

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From Burke’s Peerage

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. on a mount vert a lion passant-guardant or, supporting with its dexter paw the Union flag flowing to the sinister ppr., and over the same in chief the words ‘China’, ‘India’, in letters of gold; 2nd and 3rd, az. on a fess arg. between three boar’s heads couped or a lion passant gu.; in the centre chief point, pendant from a riband arg., fimbriated az., a representation of the badge of the Spanish Order of Charles III ppr., and on a chief a representation of the east wall of the fortress of Tarifa with a breach between two turrets, the dexter turret surmounted by the British flag flying, all ppr.
Crests: 1 (centre) A boar’s head, couped or, 2 (dexter) On a mural crown arg. a lion passant-guardant or, holding in the dexter paw two flag-staves in bend sinister ppr., one, the Union flag of Great Britain and Ireland, surmounting the other, the staff thereof broken, with a triangular banner flowing therefrom to represent a Chinese flag, having thereon a dragon, and in an escroll above the word ‘China’, 3 (sinister) A dexter arm embowed in facings of the 87th Regt (gu. faced vert), the hand grasping the colour of the said regiment displayed, and a representation of a French eagle, reversed and depressed, the staff broken ppr., in an escroll above the word ‘Barossa’.
Supporters: Dexter, a lion regardant or, gorged with an eastern crown gu., with chain reflexed over the back gold, the rim of the crown inscribed ‘Punjab’ in letters also gold; sinister, a Chinese dragon or, gorged with a mural crown sa., inscribed with the word ‘China’ and chained gold.
Over the centre (family) crest ‘Faugh a Ballagh’ (‘Clear the way’); under the arms ‘Goojerat’.
Creations: Bt. (UK) 23 Dec 1842, B. (UK) 25 April 1846, V. (UK) 15 June 1849.

THE 5TH VISCOUNT GOUGH OF GOOJERATin the Punjab AND OF the city of LIMERICK, Baron Gough of ChinKangFoo in China and of Maharajpore and the Sutlej in the East Indies, and a Baronet (Sir Shane Hugh Maryon Gough, Bt) [The Rt Hon The Viscount Gough, Keppoch House, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire IV14 9AD; 17 Stanhope Gardens, London SW7 5RQ]; born 26 Aug 1941; succeeded f 1951; educated Abberley Hall Worcs and Winchester; Lt Irish Gds, commissioned 1962, ret 1967, memb Roy Co Archers, memb Exec Ctee Standing Cncl Btage, local dir Centl London Bd Roy Insur, Tstee Gardner’s Trust for the Blind and Schizophrenia Research, memb exec cncl RNIB and Scottish Lifeboat Cncl RNLI, FRGS

Lineage: JOHN GOUGH, of Cricklade later Stratford, Wilts; died between 20 May 1562 and 15 Jan 1563, leaving, with five other sons and a dau:

Rev HUGH GOUGH; Rector All Cannings, Wilts; MA Oxon; married Jane Clifford, of Clifford, and was buried 7 Aug 1625, having had:

1a Robert (Rev); chanter Limerick Cathedral, Archdeacon Ardfert; born 1584; married Sabina –, and had issue

2a William, of Broomfield, Essex; born 1586; married Alicia, daughter of Christopher Hanworth, and had issue

3a Michael, of All Cannings; had issue

4a Jeremy, of Benegar, Wilts; had issue

5a Francis, JP Co Limerick; MA Oxon; Bp Limerick; born 1594; married Elizabeth Greene, and had issue

6a Edmund (Rev); Rector Gt Cheverell, Wilts, MA Oxon, Canon Salisbury; born 1595; married Margery, daughter of Richard Freeman, of Henley, and had issue


1a Judith; married John Bennett

2a Cicely; married Rev John Atkins, and had issue

3a Katherine; married Rev Roger Flower

4a Elizabeth; married John Willis, MA

The 7th son,

Rev HUGH GOUGH, JP Co Limerick; MA Oxon, Preb and Chllr Limerick 1626, Rector Rathkeale, Co Limerick; born 1599; married Ellinor Bolton and died after 13 May 1682, leaving, with two daughters (Frances, married Francis Livelis; Jane, married Rev Ezekiel Webb, Dean Limerick):

GEORGE GOUGH, of Rathkeale; married Jane, daughter of James Roberts, of Ballymalan, Co Cork, and had, with another s (George, of Richmond, Surrey, died 1742) and daughter (Anne, married Richard Lloyd, of Killodromin, Co Limerick):

Rev HUGH GOUGH; Rector Kilfinny; educated Trin College Dublin (MA 1688); married Dorothy Harrison and died between 17 Jan and 12 Aug 1730, leaving:

HUGH GOUGH; Cornet of Horse; married 1 Jan 1720 Alice, daughter of John Miller, of Ballicasey, Co Clare, and had an eldest son:

GEORGE GOUGH, of Woodstown, Co Limerick; born 1720; married 1748 Elizabeth (died 17 Dec 1783), daughter of Richard Waller, of Castle Waller, Co Tipperary, and died 19 Nov 1783, leaving an eldest son:

GEORGE GOUGH, of Woodstown; Lt-Col Limerick Militia; born 1750; married 20 Jan 1755 Letitia (died 1829), daughter of Thomas Banbury, of Lisnevagh and Moyle, Co Carlow, and died March 1836, having had:

1a George; Maj 28th Regt; born 26 Dec 1775; married 1811 Sarah (died 14 Feb 1870), daughter of Edward Croker, of Ballynagarde, and died 13 June 1841, leaving issue

2a Thomas Bunbury (Very Rev); Dean Derry; born 13 June 1777; married 19 March 1800 Charlotte (died 14 Feb 1862), 2nd daughter of John Bloomfield and sister of 1st Baron Bloomfield of Oakhampton and Redwood, and died 8 May 1860, leaving issue (see Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 GOUGH OF CORSLEY HOUSE )

3a William; Maj 68th Regt Peninsular War Battles Salamanca and Vittoria (severely wounded); lost off Kinsale Head 1822

4a HUGH, 1st Viscount

1a Jane; married Lt-Col R Lloyd and died Aug 1833. He was killed Bayonne 1813

2a Elizabeth; married 22 March 1810 Benjamin Frend, of Boskell, Co Limerick, and had issue (see RANFURLY, E). He died Jan 1858

The 4th son,

Sir Hugh Gough, 1st Bt, of Synone and Drangan, Co Tipperary, so created 23 Dec 1842, as also 15 June 1849 1st Viscount Gough of Goojerat, in the Punjab and of the city of Limerick, as also earlier 25 April 1846 BARON GOUGH OF CHINKANGFOO in China AND OF MAHARAJPORE AND THE SUTLEJ in the East Indies (all UK), KP (1857), GCSI (1866, KCSI 1861), KCB (1831, CB 1815), PC (1859); born 3 Nov 1779; Ensign 1794, Lt 78th Highrs 1795, Maj 87th Foot (then Prince of Wales’s Irish Regt), cmdg at Talavera 1809 (severely wounded, Brevet Lt-Col), Barossa 5 March 1811, Tarifa (where defended against 10,000 French, winning him the honourable augmentation to his arms of a chief containing a representation of the breach; see above under Arms) 31 Oct 1811, Vittoria 21 June 1813 (severely wounded) and Nivelle 19 Nov 1813, knighted 1815, Col 1819, Maj-Gen 1830, Col 99th Foot 1839–41 and 87th Foot 1841–55, Lt-Gen 1841, as cdr China captured native forts defending Canton, also the city of Chin-keang-foo (hence wording of his Barony), C-in-C: Madras 1841–43, India 1843–49 (beat Mahrattas at Battles of Mahajpoor 29 Dec 1843, hence its featuring in wording of his Barony, and Sikhs (1st Sikh War) at Moodkee 18 Dec 1845, Ferozshahr 21–22 Dec 1845 and Sobraon 10 Feb 1846, also in 2nd Sikh War, following a draw at Chillianwallah 13 Jan 1849, at 21 Feb 1849 at Goojerat, hence its featuring in wording of his Viscountcy), Gen 1854, Col-in-Ch 60th Rifles 1854–69, Col RHG (Blues) 1855–69, FM 1862, Hon Col London Roy Irish Vols; married 3 June 1807 Frances Maria (died 15 March 1863), daughter of Gen Edward Stephens, RA, and had, with another s (died young):

1a GEORGE STEPHENS, 2nd Viscount

1a Letitia Mary; married 1836, Edward SUPPLE later COLLIS and died 25 Nov 1853, leaving issue

2a Gertrude Sophia; married 1837 Archibald Francis Arbuthnot, s of Sir William Arbuthnot, 1st Bt, of Edinburgh (qv), and died 21 Nov 1882, leaving issue

3a Jane Eliza Mona; married 1840 Lt-Col Gregory Haines, HEICS, and died 6 April 1898, leaving issue. He died 1874

4a Frances Maria; married 17 Sept 1844 FM Sir Patrick Grant, GCB, GCMG, and died 20 Jan 1892, leaving issue. He died March 1895

The 1st VISCOUNT died 2 March 1869; his only surviving son,

GEORGE STEPHENS GOUGH, 2nd Viscount Gough of Goojerat and of Limerick, DL Cos Galway and Tipperary; High Sheriff latter 1858; born 1815; FLS, FGS, Capt Gren Gds; married 1st 17 Oct 1840 Sarah Elizabeth (died without issue Aug 1841), 3rd daughter of Lt-Col Wray Bury Palliser (see 1886 edn), JP, of Derryluskan, Co Tipperary, and Comragh, Co Waterford; married 2nd 3 June 1846 Jane (died 3 Feb 1892), 2nd daughter of George Arbuthnot, of Elderslie, Surrey, and by her had:

1a HUGH, 3rd Viscount

2a George Hugh, CB; Col 14th Hus, Priv Sec to C-in-C Army 1897–98, Assist Mil Sec HQ DAAG Curragh 1887–89, BA Cantab; born 25 July 1852; married 13 March 1884 Hilda Eve (died 3 June 1947), youngest daughter of George Moffatt, MP, of Goodrich Court, Herefs, and died Norval’s Pont S Africa 29 March 1900, leaving:

1b Guy Vincent Hugh; Capt KRRC WW I; born 9 Dec 1887; educated Eton and RMC Sandhurst; married 8 Sept 1928 Lily Margaret, widow of Maj William Robert Gregory, MC, of Coole Park, Co Galway, and daughter of G Graham Parry, of Cheltenham, and died without issue 26 March 1959

2b George Patrick; Capt Irish Gds WW I (wounded); born 29 March 1889; died unmarried 12 July 1936

3b Harold Stewart; 2nd Lt KRRC WW I; born 5 Sept 1894; killed in action 16 June 1916

4b Dermot Humphrey; Lt 10th Hus WW I; born 28 Dec 1896; died unmarried 7 Oct 1919

1b Irene Frances Nora; married 2 Jan 1912 Col Henry Cecil Lloyd Howard, CB, CMG, DSO, DL, 16th Lancers, of Wigfair, Denbighshire, and died 21 Sept 1951. He died 24 Jan 1950

2b Kathleen Mona; married 9 Aug 1921 Col Ivan Douglas Guthrie of Guthrie, MC, JP, DL, 10th Hus, and died 30 Dec 1963, leaving issue. He died 4 July 1964

3b Hugh Rudolph; Lt Coldstream Gds; born 11 Jan 1856; died S Africa 19 April 1879

1a Frances Anne Mary; died 23 Jan 1855

2a Eleanor Laura Jane; married 29 July 1886 Robert Algernon Persse, JP, of Roxborough and Creg Clare, Co Galway, and died 21 Feb 1935, leaving issue. He died 25 May 1911

The 2nd VISCOUNT died 31 May 1895; his eldest son,

HUGH GOUGH, 3rd Viscount Gough of Goojerat and of Limerick, KCVO (1904), DL Co Galway; born 27 Aug 1849; educated Eton and BNC Oxford (MA 1880); Dip Serv: Attaché‚ Rio 1873, 3rd Sec Madrid 1876, 2nd Sec Athens 1878 and St Petersburg 1885, Sec Legn: Rio 1887–88, Stockholm 1888–94, Sec Embassy: Washington 1894–96, Berlin 1896–1901, Min Res Dresden and Coburg 1901–07; married 5 Oct 1889 Lady Georgiana Pakenham (died 30 July 1943), elder daughter of 4th Earl of Longford (qv), and died 14 Oct 1919, having had:

1a HUGH WILLIAM GOUGH, 4th Viscount Gough of Goojerat and of Limerick, MC, JP, DL Co Galway, DL Inverness-shire; born 22 Feb 1892; educated Eton and New College Oxford (BA 1913); Lt Irish Gds WW I (wounded, despatches twice, Brevet Maj), Lt-Col 1st Regt Iraq Cav 1922 and 1st Bn Irish Gds 1930–34, ret 1935, cmdg Training Bn Irish Gds and Inverness Burgh Bn HG WW II; married 12 Nov 1935 Margaretta Elizabeth (died 9 March 1977), only daughter of Sir Spencer Maryon-Wilson, 11th Bt (see 1970 edn), and died 4 Dec 1951, leaving:

1b SHANE HUGH MARYON GOUGH, 5th and present Viscount Gough of Goojerat and of Limerick

1a Katharine Nora; born 6 Oct 1890; married 5 April 1910 Edward Vyse Sturdy, OBE, 3rd son of William Sturdy, of Paxhill, and died 21 April 1949, leaving issue. He died 18 Aug 1959

2a Hilda Frances; died an infant 5 May 1893


Peerage 200857

© 2002 – 2011 Burke’s Peerage & Gentry (UK) Limited.


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