The Fiske-Harrison Family

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Burke’s Peerage: Fiske-Harrison Family

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Arms: Azure two pierced mullets or between to bars counter gobony erminois and argent all between in chief three estoiles and in base a single estoile argent.

Crest: Upon a helm with a wreath argent azure and gules passant through a triangle iron ensigned by a pierced mullet or a stork wings displayed and inverted argent mantled gules doubled argent.

Motto: Debemur Morti Nos Nostraque (Both ourselves and our creations are a debt owed to Death).

CLIVE FISKE HARRISON, (Clubs: Garrick, West Mersea Yacht), stockbroker Panmure Gordon 1961, Member of the London Stock Exchange 1965, Member of the Securities Institute 1990, Chairman of Fiske PLC, born at Colchester, Essex 23 November 1939, educated at Felsted School, and Trinity Hall Cambridge (MA), married at West Mersea, Essex 17 December 1965 •Barbara Gail Horne (born at Sydney, Australia 28 November 1940), elder daughter of Donald Wilfred Horne and his wife Margarita May Fleming, and has issue, (see Debrett’s People of Today HARRISON, CLIVE FISKE)

1a •Byron Antony FISKE HARRISON, (Clubs: Cavalry and Guards, Singapore Polo) Lieutenant Royal Tank Regiment 1985, stockbroker Cazenove & Co 1989, Director Goldman Sachs 2001, Director Fiske PLC 2005, born at London 30 January 1967, educated at Westminster, RMA Sandhurst, and University of St Andrews (MA), married at Eaton Square, London 20 April 2002 •Mary Lau (born at Singapore 24 March 1972), daughter of Lau Cha Hing and his wife Lee Hock Looi, and has issue,

1b •Isabella Marie-Lousie FISKE HARRISON, born at Singapore 29 October 2003.

2a Jules William FISKE HARRISON, born at London 27 July 1969, educated at Westminster, and died unmarried in a skiing accident at Zermatt, Switzerland 4 April 1988.

3a •Alexander Rupert FISKE-HARRISON, (Clubs: Travellers, Gridiron) playwright and actor ‘The Pendulum’ West End, London 2008, producer Mephisto Productions 2009, bullfighter ganaderia Saltillo 2010, author Into The Arena: The World of the Spanish Bullfight, Profile Books, 2011, author The Bulls Of Pamplona, Mephisto Press, 2013, Director Mephisto Productions 2008, Director Fiske PLC 2014, Director International Polo Events, 2019, born at London 22 July 1976, educated at Eton, University of Oxford (MA), London School of Economics (MSc), and Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, New York, USA.


The family of Fiske has long flourished in the counties of Norfolk (recorded as landowners in the Domesday Book) and Suffolk, and derives from the old Norse name of Fiskr. Family history states that they arrived with the invading forces of Olaf Tryggvason, King of Norway, at the Battle of Maldon on the Blackwater River in Essex in 991 A.D. Daniel Fisk, of Laxfield is mentioned in a document issued by King John, confirming a grant of land in Digneveton (Dennington), made by the Duke of Lorraine to the men of Laxfield 1 May 1208.

Arms: Chequy, argent and gules, on a pale, sable, three mullets or.

Crest: on the top of a triangle an estoile.

Motto: Macte Virtute Sic Itur Ad Astra (Blessed be your courage, this is the way to heaven).

HUGH FFYSKE, said to be descended from the above Daniel Fisc, and had issue,

SYMOND FFYSKE, Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, Laxfield, Suffolk, and owned lands in Easton Bavents (Grant 1428), born circa 1399, married first circa 1424 Susannah Smyth (died circa 1433), and had issue,

1a WILLIAM FFYSKE, see below.

2a Jeffrey FFYSKE, of Stadhaugh, born at Laxfield circa 1420, married Margaret, and died 1504 (will dated 3 May 1504 and proved 13 May 1504), having had issue,

1b Jeffrey FFYSKE, of Laxfield, Suffolk, born at Laxfield circa 1460, and died circa 1536, having had issue,

1c Richard FFYSKE, of Laxfield, born at Laxfield circa 1480, and died circa 1565, having had with other issue,

1d Robert FFISKE, of Fressingfield, Suffolk, and St James, South Elmham, Suffolk, fled for a time to Geneva to avoid religious persecution, born circa 1521, married Sibilla Gold (confined for a time in Norwich Castle for her religious views), widow of Barbor, and died at St James 1602 (will dated 10 April 1590 and proved at Metfield July 1602), having had with other issue,

1e Jeffrey FISKE, of St James, South Elmham, born circa 1552, married Mary Cooke (buried at St James May 1614), and died 1629 (will dated 11 May 1629), having had with other issue,

1f Nathan FISKE, went to America in 1642 and settled at Watertown, Massachusetts, born 1615, married Susanna, and died 1676, having had issue (see Burke’s Families of the USA FISKE formerly of Laxfield).

2b John FFYSKE.

3b Simon FFYSKE.

4b Joan FFYSKE.

5b Margery FFYSKE.

3a John FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1428, and was buried at Diss, Norfolk circa 1488.

4a Edmund FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1430, married Margery, and died 1494 (will dated 7 August 1494 and proved 4 October 1494, and was buried at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk).

5a Margaret FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1432, married Dowsing.

(cont) SIMON FFYSKE, married second Katherine Crispe, and died 1464 (will dated 22 December 1463 and proved 26 February 1464).

The eldest son,

WILLIAM FFYSKE, Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, born 1420–25, married circa 1443 Joan Lynne, of Norfolk (will dated 15 July 1504 and proved 28 February 1505, buried at All Saints, Laxfield), and was buried at All Saints, Laxfield, having had issue,

1a THOMAS FFYSKE, see below.

2a William FFYSKE, married Joan, and died 1472 (will dated 16 July 1472), having had with other issue,

1b John FFYSKE, inherited lands at Badingham and Rendham, Suffolk from his father, and had with other issue,

1c Robert FFYSKE, and had issue,

1d Robert FFYSKE, born at Rendham, married first Susan, and died 1563 (will dated 15 February 1563), having had with other issue,

1e Robert FYSKE, of Hardings Manor, Norton, Cambridgeshire (purchased 1578), married at Great Barton, Suffolk 6 October 1566 Emme Rushbrook, daughter of William Rushbrooke, and was buried at Norton 2 January 1604, having had with other issue,

1f Robert FFISKE, of Hardings Manor, baptised at Norton 19 May 1583, married Anne (buried at Norton 15 September 1658), and died circa 1658, having had with other issue,

1g Robert FFISKE, of Hardings Manor, baptised at Norton 28 December 1619, married at Norton 1640 Martha Turner, daughter of Charles Turner, and was buried at Norton 7 July 1704 (will dated 20 October 1697), having had with other issue,

1h Rev Zachariah FFISKE, Vicar of Westleton, Suffolk 1672–74, Rector of Theberton, Suffolk 1672–83, Rector of Cockfield, Suffolk 1676–1708, Rector of Hadleigh, Suffolk 1691–1708 (presented by William III and Mary II), baptised at Norton 4 March 1647, educated at Queens’ College Cambridge (MA), married Elizabeth (died May 1685), and was buried at Cockfield 15 September 1708, having had with other issue,

1i Rev Thomas FISKE, Rector of Shimpling, Suffolk 1704, baptised at Cockfield 16 June 1678, educated at Queens’ College Cambridge (MA), married 10 October 1708 Anna Morley, daughter of John Morley, of Halstead, and was buried at Shimpling 23 August 1722 (will dated 27 May 1721), having had with other issue,

1j Rev Thomas FISKE, of Chadacre Hall, Shimpling, Rector of Great Bromley, baptised at Shimpling 31 January 1710, educated at Christ Church Oxford (MA), married Mary Syer (buried at Shimpling 13 March 1746), and died at Bath August 1763, having had with other issue,

1k Mary FISKE, baptised at Shimpling 18 September 1740, married Rev Temple Chevallier, MA, of Aspall Hall, Debenham, Fellow of Magdalen College Cambridge 1763, and had issue (whose great-grandson was Field Marshall Earl Kitchener (see Burke’s Peerage FIELD MARSHAL EARL KITCHENER).

2i Rev John FISKE, Rector of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk 1719–53, ordained as a Priest 25 December 1719 at a special ordination in Kings Street Chapel, Westminster by the Bishop of Lincoln, baptised 28 December 1693, educated at Queens’ College Cambridge (MA), married Elizabeth Gosnold, daughter of the Rev Lionel Gosnold, Rector of Otley, Suffolk, (great, great, great, great, great, great grandson of George Plantagenet, Duke Of Clarence, younger brother and sometime heir to King Edward IV, elder brother to King Richard III, see Burke’s Peerage MARQUESSES OF ABERGAVENNY) and died 4 October 1764, having had with other issue

1j Rev John FISKE, Rector of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk 1754, received upon marriage ‘a fortune of £18,000’, born 1725, educated at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge (MA), married 10 August 1761 Sarah Thomas (died August 1762), daughter and heiress of Dr Samuel Thomas, of Lavenham, and died 10 April 1778 (buriedat Thorpe Morieux), having had issue,

Arms, Crest and Motto of Harrison of Copford, Essex

1k Sarah Thomas FISKE, married at Copford 11 December 1783 John Haynes Harrison, of Copford Hall, Essex, Lord of the Manors of Copford and Felsham, Major in the Militia, and died 12 December 1825, having had with other issue,

Arms, Crest and Motto of Fiske of Thorpe Morieux, Suffolk

1l Fyske Goodeve FISKE-HARRISON, Lord of the Manor of Copford, Magistrate, Justice of the Peace, High Sheriff of Essex, Major in the Militia, born 1793; educated Charterhouse and St. John’s College Cambridge (MA); died 1872. (see Burke’s Landed Gentry of 1847 FISKE-HARRISON OF COPFORD HALL)

2l Rev Thomas HARRISON, Rector of Thorpe Morieux, married Ann Tomlinson, daughter of Rear-Admiral Nicholas Tomlinson, and had with other issue,

1m Thomas Haynes HARRISON, one of the first body of colonists who sailed in 1850 to found the Canterbury Settlement, New Zealand.

2m Rt Rev William Thomas HARRISON, MA, DD, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway 1888–1903, born 22 September 1837, educated at Trinity College Cambridge (MA 1863, DD 1889), and died 11 December 1920, leaving issue.

3m Catherine HARRISON, married John Ruggles Brise, of Spains Hall, Essex, and Clare, Suffolk, JP, High Sheriff of Suffolk 1829, and had issue (see Burke’s Landed Gentry of 1972 RUGGLES-BRISE OF SPAIN’S HALL, ESSEX).

3a Augustine FFYSKE, born at Laxfield 1456, married Joan, and died 1508 (will dated 15 March 1508 and proved 11 April 1508, and was buried at Laxfield).

4a Robert FFYSKE, married first 1500 Susan Lea, daughter of John Lea, and had issue.

5a Sir John FFYSKE, of Holton, Suffolk, priest, born at Laxfield circa 1454.

6a Simon FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1460, married Elizabeth, and was buried at Laxfield 1538.

7a Margery FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1450.

8a Margaret FFYSKE, born at Laxfield circa 1452.

The eldest son,

THOMAS FFYSKE, Lord of the Manor of Stadhaugh, Laxfield (Charter 8 September 1500) and Fressingfield, born circa 1467, married circa 1486 Annes or Agnes, and died December 1525 (will dated 27 October 1525 and proved 10 December 1525), having had issue,

1a William FFYSKE, of Stadhaugh, born circa 1500, married Margaret Ball, and died 1559 (will dated 15 October 1558), having had issue,

1b Mathew FFYSKE, of Stadhaugh, born circa 1540, married Elizabeth Jordain, daughter of William Jordain, and was buried at Laxfield 1628 (will dated 11 June 1627), having had with other issue,

1c Nicholas FISKE, Professor of Physic, granted Arms 1633, baptised at Framlingham, Suffolk 31 July 1575, married Judith Reade, daughter of William Reade, of Colchester, Essex, Parson of Trinity Church and of St Martins Lane, and was buried at St Pauls, Covent Garden, London 1658.

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