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Cousins: The Viscounts Gough of Goojerat in the Punjab and of the city of Limerick

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From Burke’s Peerage

Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. on a mount vert a lion passant-guardant or, supporting with its dexter paw the Union flag flowing to the sinister ppr., and over the same in chief the words ‘China’, ‘India’, in letters of gold; 2nd and 3rd, az. on a fess arg. between three boar’s heads couped or a lion passant gu.; in the centre chief point, pendant from a riband arg., fimbriated az., a representation of the badge of the Spanish Order of Charles III ppr., and on a chief a representation of the east wall of the fortress of Tarifa with a breach between two turrets, the dexter turret surmounted by the British flag flying, all ppr.
Crests: 1 (centre) A boar’s head, couped or, 2 (dexter) On a mural crown arg. a lion passant-guardant or, holding in the dexter paw two flag-staves in bend sinister ppr., one, the Union flag of Great Britain and Ireland, surmounting the other, the staff thereof broken, with a triangular banner flowing therefrom to represent a Chinese flag, having thereon a dragon, and in an escroll above the word ‘China’, 3 (sinister) A dexter arm embowed in facings of the 87th Regt (gu. faced vert), the hand grasping the colour of the said regiment displayed, and a representation of a French eagle, reversed and depressed, the staff broken ppr., in an escroll above the word ‘Barossa’.
Supporters: Dexter, a lion regardant or, gorged with an eastern crown gu., with chain reflexed over the back gold, the rim of the crown inscribed ‘Punjab’ in letters also gold; sinister, a Chinese dragon or, gorged with a mural crown sa., inscribed with the word ‘China’ and chained gold.
Over the centre (family) crest ‘Faugh a Ballagh’ (‘Clear the way’); under the arms ‘Goojerat’.
Creations: Bt. (UK) 23 Dec 1842, B. (UK) 25 April 1846, V. (UK) 15 June 1849.

THE 5TH VISCOUNT GOUGH OF GOOJERATin the Punjab AND OF the city of LIMERICK, Baron Gough of ChinKangFoo in China and of Maharajpore and the Sutlej in the East Indies, and a Baronet (Sir Shane Hugh Maryon Gough, Bt) [The Rt Hon The Viscount Gough, Keppoch House, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire IV14 9AD; 17 Stanhope Gardens, London SW7 5RQ]; born 26 Aug 1941; succeeded f 1951; educated Abberley Hall Worcs and Winchester; Lt Irish Gds, commissioned 1962, ret 1967, memb Roy Co Archers, memb Exec Ctee Standing Cncl Btage, local dir Centl London Bd Roy Insur, Tstee Gardner’s Trust for the Blind and Schizophrenia Research, memb exec cncl RNIB and Scottish Lifeboat Cncl RNLI, FRGS Read the rest of this entry »


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Cousins: The Goughs of Corsley House, Wiltshire

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From Burke’s Landed Gentry (1972)

Arms–Gu. on a fesse or between three boars’ heads a lion passant of the field. Crest:–A boar’s head and neck couped or. Motto:–Faugh a ballagh.

COL. PERCY HUGH GOUGH, OBE (1948) , of Corsley House, nr Warminster, Wilts, RA 1928-48, RHA 1936-38, served in WW II, ret 1948; born 8 Dec 1908; educated Wellington; married 24 Sept 1938, •Margaret Katherine, daughter of Frederick Wallis, of Borrowdale, Salisbury, Rhodesia, formerly of Elvendon Priory, Goring, Oxon (see that family, 1952 edn), and has had issue,

1a •HUGH DUNCAN (Cley Hill Farm, Corsley, Warminster, Wilts); born 1 Dec 1939; educated Michaelhouse, Natal, and Seale-Hayne Ag College; married 8 July, 1967, •Rosalind Mary, only daughter of John Linly Tedbury, of Mousehill Manor, Milford, Surrey.

2a John David; born 26 Jan 1943; died 18 Sept 1945.

3a David Wallis Bloomfield; born 29 Aug; died 1 Sept 1953.

4a •William Frederick Hubert; born 29 Aug 1954; educated Stanbridge Earls Sch

1a •Elizabeth (Jill); born 7 July, 1941; married 31 Dec 1966, •David Lionel Swale (36, Canonbury Park North, N.1), 3rd son of late Wilfred Herbert Swale, of Upperchute, Wilts, and has issue,

•Nicholas Frederick; born 9 Nov 1970.

•Victoria Jane; born 7 May, 1968.

2a •Mary Miranda (Corsley House, nr Warminster, Wilts); born 8 Aug 1946.

3a •Letitia Margaret Ann; born 2 July, 1948; married 17 Oct 1970, •Richard Mark Pickles (Garden Cottage, Gwalia, Flintshire), s of Edmund Pickles, of Winebury House, Gresford.

Lineage–THE VERY REV. THOMAS BUNBURY GOUGH, Dean of Derry; born 13 June, 1777; s of Lt-Col George Gough, of Woodstown, Co Limerick, and brother of FM 1st Viscount Gough (see Burke’s Peerage FIELD MARSHAL VISCOUNT GOUGH); married 19 March, 1800, Charlotte (died 14 Feb 1862), 2nd daughter of John Bloomfield, of Redwood, Tipperary, and died 8 May, 1860, leaving issue,

1a GEORGE, of whom presently.

2a John Bloomfield (Sir), GCB (1875), Gen, Col 2nd Dragoons, Dep Q.M.G. in China, formerly Mil Sec to Count-in-C. India, cmded 2nd Bde of Cav at Moodkee and Ferozeshah; married 1st, 1840, Carmina, daughter of E Hitchins; 2nd, 1846, Margaret, daughter of Maj-Gen Sir John M’Caskill, KCB; and 3rd, 6 Nov 1850, Elizabeth, 3rd daughter of George Arbuthnot, of Elderslie (see PRIDEAUX of Elderslie), and died 1891, leaving issue, five sons and two daughters.

3a Thomas Bunbury, Col 33rd Regt, k in Crimea, 1855, s.p.

4a Benjamin Bloomfield (Rev); married Letitia, eldest daughter of Benjamin Frend, of Boskell, Co Limerick (see that family, BURKE’S L.G. of Ireland, 1912 edn), and had issue, three sons and four daughters.

5a Percy; married and had issue, three sons.

1a Charlotte; married Rev George Smith.

The eldest son,

GEORGE GOUGH, of Rathronan, Clonmel, Co Tipperary, HEICS; born 1802; married 1st, Charlotte Hart; and 2nd, –. He married 3rd, 1829, Charlotte Becher, and by her had issue, with four daughters.,

1a George Thomas, Maj-Gen; born 1830.

2a Charles John Stanley (Sir), VC, KCB (1881) (C.B 1875), Maj-Gen, Col Cmdt 5th Bengal Cav 1864, served in Punjab and in Indian Mutiny at siege and capture of Lucknow (VC); born 1832; married 16 June, 1869, Harriet Anastatia (died 26 March, 1916), daughter John William Power, MP, of Gurteen, Co Waterford, and sister of 1st Count De La Poer (see BURKE’S LANDED GENTRY of Ireland), and died 6 Sept 1912, leaving issue,

1b Hubert de la Poer (Sir), GCB (1937) (KCB 1916, C.B 1912), GCMG (1919), K.CVO (1917), Gen (ret 1922) 16th Lancers (cmdg 1907-10, Col from 1936), on Tirah Exped. 1897-98, served in S. African War 1897-1902 (severely wounded, despatches), in WW I (cmdg 5th Army) (despatches) and in WW II with HG (cmded Chelsea branch), Staff Prof at College 1904-06, Gd. Offr of Order of Leopold of Belgium, Orders of White Eagle of Russia, with swords, Charles III of Spain, and Crown and Sword of Sweden, Legion of Honour, French and Belgian Croix de Guerre; born 12 Aug 1870; educated Eton, and RMC Sandhurst; married 22 Dec 1898. Louisa Nora (died 23 March, 1951), younger daughter of Maj-Gen Henry Colebrook Lewis, RA, and died 18 March, 1963, having had issue,

1c (Valentine Charles) Lewes; died an Infant

1c •Myrtle Eleanore; married 10 Nov 1936, •Maj Eric Adlhelm Torlogh Dutton, CMG, CBE, late W. Yorks Regt (Dar el Fidgi, Tangier, Morocco) (see Burke’s Peerage and Gentry FISKE-HARRISON FAMILY), s of Rev Charles Dutton, of Lothersdale, Yorks, and has issue.

2c •Audrey Anne.

3c •Joyce.

4c •Denise Marguerite; married 1937, Capt Leslie Montague-Jones, RE, and has issue, one s. She married 2nd, 1945, •John Leslie Cecil Boyes, and has further issue, one s.

2b John, VC (1903), KCB (posthumous, April, 1915) (C.B), CMG (1910), Brig-Gen late Rifle Bde, served in Brit. Central Africa 1896-97, in S. African War 1899-1902, at Daratoleh 1903, and in WW I, ADC to HM KING GEORGE V, Inspr.-Gen King’s African Rifles; born 25 Oct 1871; married 29 June, 1907, Dorothea Agnes, Lady Gough (died 2 April, 1962), eldest daughter of Gen Sir Charles Patton Keyes, GCB, of Croghan, Co Donegal (see BURKE’S Peerage, KEYES, B), and died of wounds received in action, 22 Feb 1915, leaving issue, one daughter

3a HUGH HENRY (Sir), of whom presently.

4a Percy; married , and had issue,

Hugh George, of Hyderabad; married , and had issue,

1c •Guy Francis, DSO (1940), MC (1918), Brig Roy Irish Fus (ret 1946), served in WW I (wounded, despatches twice), cmded 1st Bn Nigeria Regt 1936-37, served in WW II, cmded 1st Bn Roy Irish Fus (Dunkirk), 11th Inf Bde, and Advanced Base Sub-Area of First Army (Algeria); born 1893; educated Oratory, and RMC Sandhurst; married 1st, 1914, Dorothy Marie (died 1953), daughter of late Edwin Paget Palmer, of Patcham House, Sussex, and has issue, one son and one daughter He married 2nd, 1954, •Elizabeth Treharn, daughter of Lewis David Thomas, of Newton, nr Porthcawl.

2c •Hubert.

3c •John.

He married 4th, Ann Barton, and died 1887. The 3rd son,

GEN. SIR HUGH HENRY GOUGH, VC (1857), GCB (1896) (C.B 1869), Keeper of the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London (not in addresses), formerly ISC, entered Bengal Army 1853, served in Indian Mutiny, in Abyssinia 1869, and 2nd Afghan War 1879-80 (wounded, despatches); born 14 Nov 1833; married 8 Sept 1863, Annie Margaret (died April, 1922), youngest daughter of Edward Eustace Hill, of Co Longford, and died 12 May, 1909, having had issue, Read the rest of this entry »

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